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The student in your care has been allocated a seat on a school bus. Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated to ensure that he/she is at the designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before the stated arrival time of the bus, and is aware of the conduct expected on and around the bus.


As the parent / primary carer of the student, you are reminded of the following matters:


i.              School bus services are provided to ensure that students arrive at school safely and in sufficient time to prepare for school instruction. To ensure this objective is achieved it is the student's parent/carer's responsibility to see that students are not late for the bus.


ii.            If waiting for a student, wait on the same side of the road as the bus stop, to eliminate the risk of him/her running across the road. Please do not park in the bus stop.


iii.           State and Registered school students may be permitted to travel on a school bus service subject to the conditions set out in the Education Regulations, 1988. You should note that permission to travel on a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Permission may be withdrawn if a student's behaviour is unsatisfactory.


Non-compliance with the code of conduct set out below will result in the following actions:


i.              The bus driver will usually give the student a verbal warning, but if there is a serious safety issue, this step may be eliminated.


ii.            The bus driver will at the end of the service, record the student’s name and details of the offence.


iii.           The students will be conveyed to their destination or other suitable location.


iv.           The offence will be reported to the bus co-ordinator and/or the School Principal at the first opportunity.


v.             The School Principal may consult with the student, parent/carer, bus owner and if necessary the Department of Infrastructure, before deciding on an appropriate course of action. Penalties for inappropriate student behaviour may include:


a.     A written official warning; or

b.     Student's privilege to travel suspended for 1 or more school days; or

c.     Student's privilege to travel suspended indefinitely. This may be imposed for persistent offenders and/or for serious breaches of the rules.




i.              The bus driver has the authority to designate specific seats to students, and/or move a student to another specific seat on the bus.


ii.            If any period of travel suspension occurs, it is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to arrange the student's transport to and from school for the period of the suspension.


iii.           In all cases of vandalism, those responsible or their parents/carers will be required to meet the costs of repairs.


iv.           If a student misses a bus, the parent/carer will be responsible for making arrangements for transport to and from school.


v.             Any bus traveller not returning home by bus, or desiring to leave the bus at a stop other than his/her normal stop, must seek permission from the bus co-ordinator via a parent/carer note. Under no circumstance will a bus be delayed while messages are picked up or delivered.


vi.           Students are permitted to travel on a school bus only on days when they are attending school.   School buses are not for travel to and from temporary employment or for social or sporting purposes.


vii.          The driver is not permitted to carry unauthorised passengers or goods.




Safe school bus travel is a whole community responsibility. The following simple code of conduct has been prepared to maintain the State’s good safety record.

Students will:

·         behave in an orderly fashion while waiting at the bus stop

·         travel only on the allocated bus

·         obey the driver’s instructions

·         remain seated for the whole journey

·         talk quietly and refrain from calling out to passing traffic

·         On leaving the bus, wait on the same side of the road until the bus has moved away from the bus stop, and if necessary, cross the road only when there is a clear view of the traffic in both directions.

Students will not:

·         distract the attention of the driver by engaging in any “horseplay” such as yelling or making loud noises

·         fight on the bus or at any bus stop or co-ordination point

·         harass the driver or any other passenger on the bus

·         use foul or abusive language

·         vandalise the bus

·         throw litter, or any other object, in or from a bus

·         allow any part of his/her body to protrude from a bus

·         smoke on the bus

·         talk to the driver while the bus is moving

·         use or take on the bus any alcohol or illegal drugs

·         play on the roadway

·         approach the bus until it has completely stopped

·         Attempt to board or leave the bus while it is moving.


I have read this information about safe school bus travel and understand my role in maintaining a safe travel environment.



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